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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Re-Twisting Mini Me Locs Without Clips

Mini me is 8 months into her loc journey. I started her locs with 3-strand twists. Re twisting is such a task and a chore for me ( usually on Sundays). I wash and retwist her locs once a month. Mini me HATES the re twisting process, the million and one clips and the 2+ hours spent under the dryer leaves a little to be desired ( usually after 2 hours her hair is still damp -especially in the back). 

Twisting and Re-Twisting are pretty much the same thing. Often twisting refers to when you first start your locks while re-twisting is maintenance done to tighten your locs. In both cases the main idea is to put a locking cream of some type on the hair, twist it and allow it to dry. You simply spin the lock until it us under enough tension to compress it and make it feel tight, while at the same time applying some loc butter/loc gel directly to the loc, working it in as you twist it around and around, always to the right or "clockwise". Click Here for additional info on twisting & retwisting Loc's

I was trying to come up with a method of re twisting her hair in UNDER 4 hours ( 2 hours to wash/condition/twist and 2 hours under the dryer). My thought process was to wash/condition and just re twist the front, but I wasn't feeling that idea, so then I decided I would re twist but not add any clips.

I washed mini me locs with BoBeam Shealoe Shampoo Bar, applied a hot oil treatment ( using vatika oil and castor oil), then started twisting with Murrays Gel Loc-Lock.

I started in the back at the nape of her neck. I twisted 6-8 locs securing them by using a duck clip

gather the twisted locs and (loosly) wrap a rubber band right
 below the new growth

Continue the process through the head until all locs have been retwisted and secured with a rubber band

** You can't see the rubber bands**
Sit under a hooded dryer- Mini me hair was completely
dry in 20 minutes!!!!!!

She styled her hair just by adding a hair tie ( created by Maxx-Cee) and gently pulling them back

I'm certain this is the way we will retwist mini me loc's moving forward. The entire process was 2 hours including drying time.

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NaturaLocs said...

they look so full and health. makes me with I started my journey years ago but nonetheless i have something to look forward too.

hope you to are still enjoying the journey :)


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