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Mz. Sixx-The Naturalista

I’m a mom, a wife, a mogul, affectionately known as the “mixologist”, a philanthropist, and the lover of all things natural. I have been natural off and on since 2004. I started my loc journey January 10,2008. I wasn’t educated on the process or the proper products to use to grow and maintain healthy locs. After my 2 visits to my loctican, I realized that I could no longer afford to continue the visits (I was newly laid off and was pinching pennies). I noticed that the loctican was using black protein gel on my locs ( something about that didn’t seem right to me.) I joined a few hair care forums and realized that I needed to invest in natural products and read labels. I made a trip to my local beauty supply store and broke down in frustration over the lack of “genuine” all natural products available. Most were laced with mineral oil, petroleum, or wax. The ladies on the forum had scared me into NOT using any products that contained anything artificial. I then turned to You Tube- and learned how to whip shea butter. From there I started purchasing natural/carrier oils, butters, essential oils, and started “mixing”. I started a yahoo group “Au’Naturale” and I would occasionally comment on one of my mixes. I quickly became known as the “mixologist”. People began to inquire about purchasing my products. I gave some of my mixes for gifts at Christmas.- and the response was over whelming. Suddenly I had customers and a natural hair care business.

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