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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I got a handle on my twist outs-PART 2

Hello Divas,

After the blog post " Finally! I got a handle on my twist outs"-I was asked to provide pic's of my hair in twists (for my twist outs). You can read the original posting in its entirely- HERE.

Below are a few shots of the twists - I have permanent parts in my head , so I just "finger " part the twist, apply a little coconut oil ( if any at all) and twist each section (try not to "borrow' hair from the twist-make them as even as possible).

Twist Unraveled & Separated

These pic's are day 2 old twists, finger styled, fluffed, and refreshed with my homemade spritz

Finished Look

My Daughter was a victim of FB cyber-bullying last night

My heart is heavy with this post. My beautiful daughter A'Yianah( who is 11 yrs old, 6th grader at Murray Hill Middle School) has become a victim of cyber bullying. Last night we was made aware of a FaceBook page dedicated to "going on" the students. There were several posts about random students of the school. Then at 8:21 p.m. the coward posted a random post about my daughter ( it was so trifling and disgusting that the principal couldn't read it in its entirely). She is being teased unmercifully for being skinny- she was accused of having anorexia, told she need to go somewhere and eat a sandwich , and how dumb she look wearing skinny leg jeans( I'm given you the clean verison), and spoken about in ways that no one should ever speak to another human being.

I was (am) angry, very, very, angry- the profile is "private" so at this time I have no way of identifying the coward who owns the page or wrote the post-that may be a blessing in disguise that I don't know who it is. I made a police report last night, and the police also reported the page to FaceBook. This morning, -I went and spoke to the school officials and The Board of Education. Apparently due to the recent suicides, etc FB has a partnership with school officials that will provide them the IP address of the individual(s) that create/post to these type of pages. CYBER BULLYING IS A CRIME- and Howard County school officials is taking this very seriously! I must admit that in the beginning I didn't feel the urgency from them- but I let them know... If I don't have an update by COD today-all the media up/down I-95 will be contacted at 6am tomorrow- my FB friends started providing me with direct media contacts and my boss ( thank you) provided me with media contacts he have on speed dial! The legal team at work was drawing up the cease letter ( for FB) and composing my statement for the media, and a press release. The school has called me 3x's since 9am- they know I'm serious ( I had my poker face on, and my "take your ass to court suit " ). Once I left the building- I sat in my truck and cried. I called one of my besties ( Antinette) and let it go. Its very hurtful. Its really hard being a kid these days, and its harder being a parent. I've instilled in my daughter that looks don't mean a thing- its your character that will get you far in life. Last night and today- I realized that I have a good circle around me. People that I've never met was calling/texting me offering me support. I love ya'll - I know my friends and fam ride for me and i also heard about the bail I was prepared.. I'd left my debit card with my daughter in our secret place- I was PREPARED to catch a case- still am prepared-truth be told).

We didn't sleep much last night, buts she wanted to go to school this morning. I gave her her pep talk, she got ultra "clean" for school today and walked in with her head hung HIGH!!! (that's mini sixx) she had her get it girl swagger and I was proud. She is not a victim- she is a survivor!!!!! I'm not too sure if I could have walked in "like that" and faced everyone after what was posted for all to see. She went up in their like she owned the building [pumps fist!!!] that's my girl.. Stay tuned for the updates.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finally - I got an handle on my twist outs

Have you ever made something harder than what it actually is? We'll thats what I was doing with my twist outs. I realized that I was making the hair "too wet", using too many products, and just doing too damn much!

I now twist using only coconut/grape seed oil mix and a "small" amount of Eco-Styler gel-I make a total of 12 twist ( 6 on each side). Nightly I make I make a total of 8 twist ( 4 on each side) and cover with a bonnet. THAT's IT! In the morning- I un twist, separate a few of the "larger twist" and finger fluff- That's it!!!

Day 1 Twist Out

I like my twist outs most on day 2-3-no work, no worries, no fuss. Basically on the 2nd-3rd day I spriz the hair "lightly" with my homemade spritz and finger fluff and GO!

Day 2 Twist Out

Day 3 twist Out

As you can see, with each passing day, the hair get bigger and bigger- and BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Whipping My Hair Back N' Forth- A'Yianah's Way

Style: Fro-Hawk

Complete: ( 2 days set/drying time- we do not use heat on our hair- therefore her hair air dried over the course of 2 days) 20 mins-styling

Products Used: Pre Poo Treatment ( Olive Oil/Raw Honey), Baking Soda Clarifying Mix, Yes to carrots shampoo, homemade hair spritz ( Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Curl Activator, Distilled Water), and Eco Styler Gel

Tools Used: my fingers, bobby pins

Reason for style: Protective style for the week

Note: A'Yianah is 8 months into her transition. During most of her transition time, she has worn her hair braided, corn rolled, and two strand twisted. We decided to give her hair a "break" and rock an alternate style for a few weeks. Her hair has already begun to thicken up and her edges are growing back beautifully ( thanks to my own concoction).

It was a wonderful sight as a mom to see my daughter rocking her natural so proudly. She was smiling from ear to ear and couldn't wait to get to school to show her version of a fro-hawk. If any of you follow her on Face Book then you saw the pic's that she uploaded this morning. Her out fit today- a black and red punk rocker t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and high top Pastry sneaks.. She was channeling her inner Willow Smith/ Rhianna. Stay tuned for further updates on her transitioning journey.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My most successful twist out!

Style: Twist Out

Complete: ( 3 days set time) 20 mins-styling

Products Used: Shea Butta Balm ( new to my product line up), Lotta Body setting lotion, Coconut oil

Tools Used: my fingers

Reason for style: Protective Style for the week

Lessons Learned: Ok, I think this is my most successful twist out to date. I applied twist to freshly washed/conditioned hair, spritz lotta body setting lotion ( lightly), applied Shea butter Balm, made 20 twist all over. I left the twist in for 3 days ( recommended by another natural sista). I oiled my hair with coconut oil, then unraveled the twist begging at the roots. It looks nice- I'm not too sure on how to style it, so I kinda just "left" it alone". I also need to figure out how to "style " the twist until I'm ready to take them down. Thank Goodness its casual week at work, and I wore a hat- but on normal days, I cant wear a hat- I looked like I was an old "g" from a gang ( not cute).

Side Bar: My skin is a HAUTE DAMN MESS!!!!!!! Since Ive taken down my loc's I've have SERIOUS acne breakouts!!!!! the area is turning black/dark- I've went to the dermatologist- they gave me 2 creams (1) a fade cream- but it burns/stings and its not working.. I'm back to doing the OCM method.. But any other suggestions?? My skin has betrayed me :(


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