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Monday, October 25, 2010

Whipping My Hair Back N' Forth- A'Yianah's Way

Style: Fro-Hawk

Complete: ( 2 days set/drying time- we do not use heat on our hair- therefore her hair air dried over the course of 2 days) 20 mins-styling

Products Used: Pre Poo Treatment ( Olive Oil/Raw Honey), Baking Soda Clarifying Mix, Yes to carrots shampoo, homemade hair spritz ( Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Curl Activator, Distilled Water), and Eco Styler Gel

Tools Used: my fingers, bobby pins

Reason for style: Protective style for the week

Note: A'Yianah is 8 months into her transition. During most of her transition time, she has worn her hair braided, corn rolled, and two strand twisted. We decided to give her hair a "break" and rock an alternate style for a few weeks. Her hair has already begun to thicken up and her edges are growing back beautifully ( thanks to my own concoction).

It was a wonderful sight as a mom to see my daughter rocking her natural so proudly. She was smiling from ear to ear and couldn't wait to get to school to show her version of a fro-hawk. If any of you follow her on Face Book then you saw the pic's that she uploaded this morning. Her out fit today- a black and red punk rocker t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and high top Pastry sneaks.. She was channeling her inner Willow Smith/ Rhianna. Stay tuned for further updates on her transitioning journey.

1 comment:

zainab1 said...

I looove this my 13 year old is transitionig as well. And I must agree with you it is a sheer delight as I wash her marval over how well her hair is doing. And how she really takes lots of visual notes as to the way it has grown...I tell you it is great.

I have 3 girls total my 5 yr old is and god willing wiil remain natural. I have no plans on adding any chemicals to her hair. My middle daughter is considering transitiong as well ( still working on her , lol)

Thanks for sharing this, its very encouraging I showed this post to my daughters and they loved it !

take care.



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