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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My most successful twist out!

Style: Twist Out

Complete: ( 3 days set time) 20 mins-styling

Products Used: Shea Butta Balm ( new to my product line up), Lotta Body setting lotion, Coconut oil

Tools Used: my fingers

Reason for style: Protective Style for the week

Lessons Learned: Ok, I think this is my most successful twist out to date. I applied twist to freshly washed/conditioned hair, spritz lotta body setting lotion ( lightly), applied Shea butter Balm, made 20 twist all over. I left the twist in for 3 days ( recommended by another natural sista). I oiled my hair with coconut oil, then unraveled the twist begging at the roots. It looks nice- I'm not too sure on how to style it, so I kinda just "left" it alone". I also need to figure out how to "style " the twist until I'm ready to take them down. Thank Goodness its casual week at work, and I wore a hat- but on normal days, I cant wear a hat- I looked like I was an old "g" from a gang ( not cute).

Side Bar: My skin is a HAUTE DAMN MESS!!!!!!! Since Ive taken down my loc's I've have SERIOUS acne breakouts!!!!! the area is turning black/dark- I've went to the dermatologist- they gave me 2 creams (1) a fade cream- but it burns/stings and its not working.. I'm back to doing the OCM method.. But any other suggestions?? My skin has betrayed me :(


Finehairsistas said...

Came out great. Looks so soft :o)


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

It does look soft.

zainab1 said...

Your hair Looks fabulous! :). for your skin try a few herbal rinses...mixed with a little boiling water, then allow it to cool, here is a few but not limited to.. burdock root said to be the best herb for skin and breakouts, horsetail, and rosemary, white willow bark, lavender, sage, parsle, red clover, elder flowers.

I infuse sage to my OCM, it works great!~ hope this helps, take care:)


Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

i love it!!! Your hair looks fabulous Diva! When I grow mine out, you know I'm coming to you right? lol

What creams did the doctor give you for your skin?


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