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Friday, October 28, 2011


Ok, beauties admit it NOW or forever hold your peace- have you been using hair grease, Vaseline, petroleum, lanolin, or mineral oil on your hair?? huh? I'll wait... *tapping fingers, and WAITING*

Lately, Ive been coming across blogs where naturals are admitting to using one of the above mentioned products. A few of the hair guru's (i.e. Curly Nikki) admitted that she has greased her hair. She says that she did not use it on her scalp, just the "hair". For her, she states that it was a great sealant, perfect for doing dry twist outs, product washed out easily, and her hair stayed moisturized for 4 days. She's even hinted at a grease giveaway " Now who's ready for a Blue Majic, Dax, and Soul Glo giveaway?!?!?!?"

I grew up with my mother using hair grease, Vaseline ( not the name brand Vaseline-but petroleum and water on my hair ( do you remember putting grease/Vaseline & water on your edges to slick them down?). I've always had healthy well maintained hair. My mother's hair routine for me was a bi-weekly wash, condition, grease( hair and scalp) and two plaits ( not braids- PLAITS!). I always slept with a scarf ( it was a cotton scarf-didn't know anything about silk back then). I only got my hair blow dried and straightened for Easter and picture day at school. We never used sponge rollers, my mother would roll my hair with strips of brown paper bag ( old school chicas KNOW what I'm talking about!).

I don't recall ( back in the day) having dry hair, or any hair issues ( breakage, shedding, or damaged hair). Now that I think about it, mommy didn't spend any money on hair products, barrettes, pony tail holders, or anything "fancy". She would'nt buy rollers- we had to use brown paper bags ( she got FREE from the vegetable stand). I was a pro at rolling hair with brown paper bag- and guess what- if you used too much grease.. that brown paper would soak it up :)

Once I learned how to care for my hair naturally it was drilled into my head ( along with yours) to stay away from such products or any products containing mineral oil, lanolin, and petroleum. I became obsessed with reading product labels and ditching everything in sight that contain the "forbidden" ingredients. Think of Joan Crawford and the wire hangers.. that was ME with mineral oil * in my Joan Crawford voice* "NOOOOOOO MINERAL OIL"

Here's what I say- DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! I don't believe in spending alot of money on over priced products, I don't believe the hype of all these miracle products that will make you hair grow, stop shedding, or breaking.

I do believe in listening to your hair, and knowing what your hair needs to flourish. Everyone is different, what works for me, may or may not be your saving grace. Its my belief that all natural products are best for my hair and mini me. We will Not be greasing in the Dugar household. We are forever #TeamNoGrease and forever fans of shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and canola oil.

Have you been greasing your hair? Do tell ( I wont stone you)


Nikki's HairThoughts said...

Learning how to care for for my daughter's hair has been a roller coaster, that's for sure! Her daycare teachers told me to get some grease and olive oil, so I did. After doing research online so I could learn more about her hair, I kept reading all that stuff was BAD, so I threw it away and went 100% natural--shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel... Just this week I bought some Jamaican Mango and Lime Loc Creme Wax to twist her hair with and it's amazing on her hair (it has petroleum and mineral oil in it). I know I'm not going to use it all the time and I'm not using it on her scalp. I think I might open myself back up to buying non-natural products, but use them in moderation and smartly. I did notice Baby O's hair grew a LOT after I stopped greasing her hair...

Miss Sixx said...

Hey Nikki,
I beleive everything in moderation is best. If you are happy with the results of the Mango & Lime product- USE IT!!!!! I would however make sure I use a clarfying shampoo or ACV rinse since you know for sure it has petroleoum and minernal oil in it. That way you wont have any buildup. But use what works! Thanks for your comment!

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

Hey Sistah! No I have not been using Grease. I don't care how popular Curly Nikki is or others, I will not be one who jumps on bandwagons. This is exactly why I am not a product junkie. I do not use what everyone else use on their hair. I found my match and that is it! This was an interesting post Sixx.

yummy411 said...

i'm new to your site, but i am loving it!! i'm not a loose natural, but i'm locked. while i don't think abusing grease is beneficial for anyone, i've been solely using everything recommended but grease for my hair and finding nothing that gives me the lustre to my hair that i desire. my sister recommended grease and it maade me think back to my childhood. i need to remember that i have some natural oasis hair conditioner in my stash!


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