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Monday, August 9, 2010

Twist Out- GONE WRONG!!!!!!!!

Okay, yesterday I washed my hair using the Tightly Curly method on Everything was all good until I decided that I was going to stretch/air dry my (still wet and full of conditioner) hair by separating it into sections, detangling it, and then putting it into two strand twists for a twist out. I applied a little coconut oil to my hair and twisted into 9 twists. My hair twisted beautifully and it felt very soft. After completing the twist, I allowed the twist to air dry. At bed time, I put a satin cap on my head for the rest night, and let it finish drying.

Fast forward- 6am this morning-I rubbed a little shealoe butter on the ends, and began to untwist my hair and it looks A MESS. I followed the advice I received from the twist out queens on Face book and Twitter- and mine don't look anything like theirs!!! I watched Curly Lexi YouTube video 5x's just to make sure I was doing it correctly. I didn't separate allot of the pieces- I was told that would encourage frizz, I made sure my hair was completely dry, and I oiled the ends before I untwisted- WHATS THE FABBERNACKLE PROBLEM??

My hair was defined at the root and middle- but a poof ball at the ends!!! URBER UGLY!!! Too Big- Too frizzy- I DON'T LIKE IT!!!! This was my 4th attempt at this.. I've tried it on dry hair, wet hair, damp hair, flat twist, conditioned hair- WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

I had to get ready for work so the best I could do was lightly fluff rock out.. UGH.. HELP Divas.. I wanna rock a twist out!!!!!!


Ms. Lisa said...

I think it looks cute! Only suggestion I can give is to apply shea butter to your finger tips about 3/4 way down the twist to seal the ends. I would love for my twist out to look like yours.

nIKKia (Silver Lips) said...

Ok Diva you know I don't know an thing about natural hair but that first picture of your hair is hot! It looks full and healthy! Very Dina Ross

Miss Sixx said...

Lisa and Nikkia...why ya'll playin...I don't know what I had...but that's not a twist out!!!! *pouting and crosing arms* I wanna look like the divas on YouTube! I'm a try and put the shea on my fingers mid way ...ima try ONCE more....before I give up!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Next time you wash your hair, spray it with setting lotion and flat twist your hair tight to the scalp. Allow it to completely air dry and unleash. The setting lotion will lock it in place for at least 3-4 days depending on how course your hair is. Softening it with product is really unneccessary as long as you keep your hands out of it.

ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More said...

I love it! It's so pretty!


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